40 Types of Haircuts for Men

Prepare to be blown away – we have a myriad of different types of haircuts for men in store for you! It’s never easy to choose the next silhouette for your hairstyle. The task becomes even more challenging if you’re not familiar with the names of haircuts.

Have no fear because we’ve put together an extensive list with all types of haircuts for men! Yep, you’ll find every single base haircut out there in our guide. Take a look at all the options and see which haircut best lines up with your personal style!

1. Regular Types of Haircuts for Men

We’ll start off with a haircut any guy can sport! The regular haircut is exactly what it sounds like – a clean, average, short cut. Men have been wearing it for centuries, and it’ll likely never go out of style.

Also known as the professional, standard or businessman cut, the regular haircut typically features short sides and back and a slightly longer top. You should be able to comb the top portion to the side with ease.

Regular Types Of Haircuts For Men

2. Fade Haircuts

For an eye-catching effect, you might be better off with fade hairstyles for men. The fade haircut has a cool, modern vibe to it, not to mention that it comes in various forms.

A fade essentially accompanies another haircut style. For instance, you can choose a fade for the lower part of your haircut and any other style for the top. Just one example is the artfully executed medium fade haircut below.

Fade Haircuts

3. Taper Fade Haircuts

Branching out from the same hairstyle family, we also have the taper fade haircut. Similar to the standard fade, the taper fade can be either subtle or dramatic.

What sets the two haircuts apart is the tapering technique. While both styles include a faded transition, the taper also features a thicker section of cropped hair.

Taper Fade Haircuts

4. High Fade Haircuts

Now, we’ll break down a few of the most common types of fade haircuts. Firstly, we have the high fade haircut for men. It’s an excellent choice for guys who want a tight undercut and a longer top.

Considering how large the fade area is, the high fade is among the boldest taper haircuts. Both the sides and back are shaven starting from the upper sides of the crown and down to the nape.

High Fade Haircuts

5. Low Fade Haircuts

On the other hand, the low fade has the opposite effect. In other words, it adds a discreet yet impressive touch to your hairstyle. The low fade focuses on the bottom region of your hair.

Your barber will shave off about an inch or two around your temples, ears, and above your nape. If you want a taper fade undercut that won’t be too flashy, then this is the ideal solution for you!

Low Fade Haircuts

6. Bald Fade Types of Haircuts for Men

Out of the different types of haircuts for men with fades, the bald fade shows the most skin. For the same reason, people use the term skin fade interchangeably with bald fade.

After the transition from the top to the undercut, the hair is faded out entirely to the scalp. To balance out their appearance, many guys opt for wearing their bald fade with a beard.

Bald Fade Types Of Haircuts For Men

7. Burst Fade Types of Haircuts for Black Men

Ever since Usher began rocking the burst fade around 2011, it’s been a huge source of hairstyle inspo for black men around the world. The coveted burst fade is also regarded as the South of France haircut.

Overall, the haircut features a wide, cropped mohawk as the centerpiece. From there, each side is tightly faded above and around the ears. As a result, the fade appears to be “bursting” from the sides.

Burst Fade Types Of Haircuts For Black Men

8. Temp Fade Haircuts

Details separate ordinary haircuts from extraordinary ones. In this regard, a temp fade haircut is the perfect way to show off your hairstyle smarts.

A barbershop favorite, the temp fade or box fade will flawlessly contour your hairline with sharp angles. Even more, the edges are faded out to match the rest of the haircut. You can add a temp fade regardless of how the rest of your hair is cut.

Temp Fade Haircuts

9. High Top Fade Types of Haircuts for Black Men

In the 90s, the high top fade was one of the most popping haircuts around. The style blew up after famous rap acts like Kid ‘n Play or Will Smith started rocking it. Nowadays, it remains a nostalgic yet fresh haircut for guys with an old school soul.

The upper portion of the haircut is a big flat top that fades out on the sides and bottom. Most of the time, the hairstyle is paired with the aforementioned temp fade to get a sleek outcome.

High Top Fade Types Of Haircuts For Black Men

10. Flat Top Haircuts

That leads us to the regular flat top haircut. Worn by men with afro-textured and straight hair alike, the haircut gets its name from the flat top flight deck of aircraft carriers. As such, it is commonly associated with military haircuts.

The key to pulling off a flat top is to have a leveled surface. Consequently, if you have thin or fine hair, it might be a bit more difficult for you. Men with thicker looks should opt for the flat top as a low maintenance haircut.

Flat Top Haircuts

11. Crew Cut Types of Haircuts for Men

Another one of the different types of short hairstyles for men who like the army style is the crew cut. Out of all the military-specific haircuts, the crew cut is likely the most adaptable for casual wear.

Although there are no strict cutting guidelines, the crew cut generally means a short back and sides taper. The top is also very short so that you won’t have to deal with heavy styling.

Crew Cut Types Of Haircuts For Men

12. High and Tight Haircuts

As far as army cuts are concerned, the high and tight haircut is definitely a staple. Just as the name suggests, the sides and back are clipped close to the scalp. The length is around 1/16 inch, but it can be even shorter.

For the upper section, the hair can be between 3/8 and 1/4 inch. Still, modern adaptations allow more length on the top for styling. No matter how long you choose to leave yours, make sure it doesn’t exceed the top sides of the crown.

High And Tight Haircuts

13. Buzz Cuts

If you don’t have the patience, time or affinity for hairstyling, you’ll surely be interested in the buzz cut. Arguably, it’s the easiest to maintain haircut out of all the short options.

Even though the buzz cut refers to several super short haircuts, we usually associate it with the form of a butch cut. The overall length is approximately 3/4 inch, or as short as 1/4 inch.

Buzz Cuts

14. Burr Cuts

The shortest types of haircuts for men are burr cuts. Another army favorite, the burr cut is also called the induction cut, i.e. the haircut soldiers get when they begin training. As long as the hair on top is less than 1/4 inch, the style passes as a burr cut.

Due to the shortness of the hair, a burr cut reveals a large portion of the scalp. This makes it suitable for men who want a clean and effortless haircut.

Burr Cuts

15. Ivy League Types of Haircuts for Men

Another style that comes with tradition is the Ivy League haircut. It’s basically the high-end version of a crew cut and takes its name from the prestigious Ivy League colleges. If you have a preppy aesthetic, there’s no better haircut for you!

The hair is cropped neatly all around, while the top remains a little longer so it can be arranged in a comb over fashion. Ivy League haircuts tend to be styled with a side part, but you can also brush your hair forward too.

Ivy League Types Of Haircuts For Men

16. Pompadour Types of Haircuts for Men

The pompadour haircut will likely remain relevant for years and years to come. Today, it’s just as stylish as it was in its rock and roll prime in the 50s.

Despite its numerous variations, the pompadour will always have a section of hair styled above the forehead in a rounded manner. However, you’re going to need a high-quality hair product – preferably pomade – to keep your pomp in tip-top shape.

Pompadour Types Of Haircuts For Men

17. Mop-Top Haircuts

As we proceed towards the 60s, we have one of the most iconic types of long haircuts for men – the mop-top. At the height of Beatlemania, countless fans emulated the Fab Four with their signature haircuts. Situated somewhere between a bowl cut and a shaggy haircut, the mop-top was a statement for the rebellious youth of the time.

Mop Top Haircuts

18. Quiff Haircuts

The quiff haircut is easily one of the most sought-after modern haircuts. It is also rather straightforward as a hairstyle. The sides and back are cropped close to the head, while the top retains a good few inches. When styling, brush your hair up and towards your preferred side.

Quiff Haircuts

19. Undercut Types of Haircuts for Men

Numerous contemporary haircuts come complete with an undercut. The haircut basically refers to cutting a large section of hair all around the head. From that point, you can choose to cut and style the hair on top however you wish. Undercuts are necessary for high and medium fade haircuts, for instance. You can also incorporate your undercut into a taper fade too.

Undercut Types Of Haircuts For Men

20. Disconnected Undercuts

If you’re not that much of a fade guy, you can opt for the disconnected undercut. In essence, it stands out from other undercuts through the lack of connection between the sides and the crown.

As a result, you’ll enjoy a higher contrast between the top and bottom areas of your hairstyle. A disconnected undercut looks awesome with a longer top. Nevertheless, you can couple the undercut with a short top too.

Disconnected Undercuts

21. Fringe Haircuts

A fringe haircut refers to any kind of hairstyle silhouette with bangs. The angular fringe has gained popularity among all types of haircuts for guys with bangs. Still, feel free to leave your bangs shorter or longer to suit your personality.

Fringe Haircuts

22. Hard Part Types of Haircuts for Men

Plenty of men wear their hair styled to the side. However, those who want to go the extra mile get a hard part haircut. Instead of simply combing the hair to the side, the part is shaven as a line on the scalp.

Hard Part Types Of Haircuts For Men

23. Mohawk Haircuts

You really can’t beat the rebelliousness of classic mohawk hairstyles. Although men have been wearing it since ancient times, the mohawk as we know it today is generally associated with the punk subculture. Whether fanned or in the form of liberty spikes, punk mohawks are clear proof that your hairstyle can be a statement.

Mohawk Haircuts

24. Faux Hawk Types of Haircuts for Guys

Nonetheless, not every guy can afford to walk around with a massive mohawk every day. As an alternative, we have faux hawk haircuts for men. Also known as a fohawk, the faux hawk aims to recreate a mohawk but with a softer approach.

As opposed to traditional mohawks, faux hawks involve shorter hair. Moreover, they typically feature an undercut instead of a strip of hair down the back of the head.

Faux Hawk Types Of Haircuts For Guys

25. Caesar Cut Haircuts

If your goal is to look stylish, casual yet edgy all at once, check out the Caesar haircut! Named after Julius Caesar, the haircut comes with super short bangs that are trimmed right below the hairline. Aside from that, you’ll also have a high fade or high disconnected undercut.

Caesar Cut Haircuts

26. French Crop Types of Haircuts for Men

Coming in close to the Caesar cut is the French crop. As of late, it’s become a major trend among young men. The main difference between the French crop and the Caesar cut is the length of the bangs.

Primarily, French crop haircuts feature bangs that read the middle of the forehead. In some cases, they can even be a bit longer (but without covering the eyebrows).

French Crop Types Of Haircuts For Men

27. Bowl Cuts

As we progress towards types of long haircuts for men, we have the unmistakable bowl cut. Even though many of us have a love-hate relationship with this hairstyle, the modern bowl cut looks insanely cool.

If you want to pull off a bowl cut without looking like a mother’s haircut victim in the 90s, the secret is the undercut. No matter if it’s tapered, faded or fully shaved, a well-executed undercut will pull things together.

Bowl Cuts

28. Wings Types of Haircuts for Guys

Whether you call it a wings haircut or a flow hairstyle, the outcome is pretty much the same. The haircut is medium-length, with flippy hair that tends to flow out and up to the sides. “Wings” refers to the way the hair settles after it’s cut.

Wings Types Of Haircuts For Guys

29. Pageboy Haircuts

Yet another longish throwback hairstyle is the pageboy look. It shares elements with the mop-top and bowl cut, all while standing out as a distinct haircut. Although it reached its peak of popularity between the 60s and 80s, it’s still a cool retro haircut even today.

Men with naturally straight hair should keep the pageboy in mind as an option. If you have wavy or curly hair, you’ll have to straighten it to get the emblematic pageboy contour.

Pageboy Haircuts

30. Mullet Haircuts

By now, the mullet haircut has become almost synonymous with the 80s. Nowadays, it’s going through a whole revival, so you can try out any of its numerous modern adaptations to keep up with the times.

All in all, you can instantly spot a mullet haircut by the longer top and back. The sides should be trimmed shorter than the rest and slicked down.

Mullet Haircuts

31. Blowout Types of Haircuts for Men

If you want a nonchalant vibe to your look, try the blowout haircut. Like many other types of haircuts for men, there’s no one-size-fits-all version. Instead, the blowout has a couple of guidelines that you can work around.

To begin with, the sides and back are tapered to be shorter than the rest. After that, the top can feature any length, provided it’s brushed up and towards the back.

Blowout Types Of Haircuts For Men

32. Shape Up Haircuts

A shape up can apply to almost all types of haircuts for men with shorter hair. It’s based on the same forehead-framing principle as the temp fade.

The main difference is that a shape up doesn’t necessarily have to be faded. You can maintain a simple foundation and simply add the rectangular outline to make the haircut come to life.

Shape Up Haircuts

32. Shape Up Haircuts

A shape up can apply to almost all types of haircuts for men with shorter hair. It’s based on the same forehead-framing principle as the temp fade.

The main difference is that a shape up doesn’t necessarily have to be faded. You can maintain a simple foundation and simply add the rectangular outline to make the haircut come to life.

Shape Up Haircuts

33. Shaggy Types of Haircuts for Men

A shaggy hairstyle should definitely be among your final options if you prefer longer locks. The hair usually covers the ears and reaches the nape (at least). You can go longer or shorter, but keep in mind that heavy layers will help you achieve the results you desire.

Shaggy Types Of Haircuts For Men

34. Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

No matter how different types of short haircuts for men are, the majority shares a common feature – cropped sides. In terms of accessibility, popularity, and adaptability, short sides long top hairstyles are the way to go.

The name of the haircut is quite self-explanatory. While the hair on top is kept significantly longer, the sides are trimmed down. The haircut is easy to maintain and good-looking.

Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

35. Shaved Sides Haircuts

To take your short sides haircut a step further, consider shaved sides hairstyles for men. You don’t have to shave your hair down to your scalp, but it should still be at least buzz cut level.

Shaved Sides Haircuts

36. Layered Types of Haircuts for Men

There is an abundance of different types of haircuts for men that involve layering. On the whole, any cut that features at least 1/2 inch of hair can be layered.

The result is a textured hairstyle that is not only aesthetically appealing but that also easy to style. For a more dramatic effect, combine short and long layers within your haircut.

Layered Types Of Haircuts For Men

37. Feathered Types of Haircuts for Guys

Layered haircuts work just as well for men with thick hair as for those with fine hair. Nevertheless, guys in the latter category should adapt the technique to accommodate their hair type. Here is where the feathered haircut comes in.

By integrating feathered layers into your hairstyle, you’ll benefit from additional volume, definition, and texture. Consequently, your hair will come off as thicker, no matter how thin it usually is.

Feathered Types Of Haircuts For Guys

38. Asymmetrical Haircuts

Time and time again, we remind our readers that creativity and limitless expression are the ingredients for a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. If you’re not afraid to go beyond your normal boundaries, see if you can pull off an asymmetrical haircut.

An asymmetrical haircut means that one part of your hair will be longer than the other. You can incorporate the idea into a variety of hairstyles. The greater the asymmetry, the more powerful the visual impact of your haircut!

Asymmetrical Haircuts

39. Emo Types of Haircuts for Guys

It’s impossible to forget the edgy mullet that emo and scene kids rocked in the early 2000s. Emo haircuts come in a multitude of shapes, but they all have one aspect in common – long, straight, heavily side-swept bangs. They should start at the highest point on one side and fall over your forehead until they reach the other side.

Emo Types Of Haircuts For Guys

40. Top Knot Haircuts

The top knot, the smaller relative of the man bun, is a top trending hairstyle these days. To get one, wait for your hair to grow out before visiting your barber. Then, get a full undercut and tie the top into a knot.

Top Knot Haircuts


All in all, we’re sure that the different types of haircuts for men we talked about will help you make the right decision. For a truly original hairstyle, consider combining two or even three haircut ideas to get your very own mix.

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